This week we’re bringing you a great throwback song for the trance family. Our feature for your Flashback Friday is Blue Fear 2003 by the God of trance himself, Armin Van Buuren. The track came off his debut album 76, noted for the 76 minutes the album takes to play out, where Armin had already established a solid following and fan base. After an ambient intro, the BPMs pick right up and get into the steady driven trance everyone would kill for back in the day. Even today where electro, house, dub and other genres seem to be taking the stage, Armin is still showing the electronic industry that he runs the show. His performance last weekend at Ultra was nothing short of spectacular, along with his new releases D Fat with W&W and This Is What It Feels Like featuring Trevor Guthrie. If you didn’t catch him this past weekend, make sure you’re listening on Sunday 7:30 PM EST to catch his final set for Ultra 2013.