Famous sound hosting and sharing service Soundcloud just introduced a new feature that is slowly being added to its current catalogue of songs, clips and mixes. As the name indicates, this new feature marks the supposed ‘Drop’ of the song in question. While still relatively new, this new addition has already received some negative feedback from a wide array of DJs. DoAndroidsDance.com did a good job at compiling some of the best remarks, from the expected “What the hell”, to the more original “So apparently @Soundcloud launched it’s new version: ‘@ParisHilton Edition’ (Here’s The Drop)” by  Felix Jaehn, one only has to browse twitter to witness the reaction. Whether this new trademarked addition will only be applied to electronic related uploads remains to be seen. Be sure to visit our Soundcloud page to witness some rather unsuccessful attempts at indicating the drop in our Ultra Music Festival livesets.

Soundcloud Introduces New "Here's The Drop" FeatureHappy early April Fool’s 🙂