It’s been an exciting year so far for Walden, as the young producer from down under has been noticeably gaining a lot of support after his release of “Intropial” on Big Beat Records. Back on the same label is Walden’s next big adventure, his Machine Land EP.

Before listening to this EP, I was expecting to hear those happy, bright progressive house sounds that Walden has been working on for some time now. Boy was I wrong. The unexpected, yet fierce electro synth stabs and dark powerful beat of the title track immediately had me immersed in this so-called “Machine Land” of Walden’s. The track continues to pick up energy throughout and evolves into an electrifying breakdown filled with plenty of wobbles and lazers. The EP doesn’t lose any energy with the following track, “Only Invader”, showing off the grimy, robotic electro synths of Walden’s new catchy style. Both “Only Invader” and the final track on the EP, “Mono World” were thrilling stories of their own, each with an infectious bassline and energetic beat roaring from start to finish.

It’s no secret that Walden stepped away from his progressive house style in this EP, but in my eyes it was an incredibly impressive move on his part, only furthering his arsenal of productions he has accumulated since his start in 2010. Join Walden on his journey through Machine Land below, or head over to Beatport to purchase the EP Here.

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