NOTE: This is an April Fool’s post. VH1 is not planning a DJ show, nor will the judges be Paris Hilton, David Guetta and Pauly D (as far as we know, who knows, this post might have given them the idea, in which case you can blame us). Hope everyone enjoyed it.

This summer VH1 will be launching a new TV show surrounding aspiring DJs looking to make their break into the industry. Contestants will go through a serious of elimination rounds where they will be judged on their DJing skills by a panel of “expert” DJs. Anyone can enter the contest for their chance to win studio time, a contract with an undisclosed label, and a set time on the main stage of Ultra 2014.

For those of you who didn’t just have a heart attack, you may want to stop reading before you do.
You may of skimmed the past paragraph wondering, “Who are these master DJs?” Before you go any further you should probably take a deep breath and step back from any ledges or trains you may be near. The panel will consist of David Guetta, Pauly D, and (it gets worse) Paris Hilton.
I’m going to let that sink in for a second.
Digest all that? Great. Simon Cowell doesn’t seem so bad now, does he? So there are two types of people reading this article right now. The first type just put more gel in their hair, cranked Levels to full volume, and started online shopping for a starter DJ set up to launch their career. The second type of person doesn’t need gel because they ripped their hair out, and Levels isn’t an option because their laptop went out the window with their sanity.
Like it or not, this is what’s in store for the EDM scene this summer. As much as it hurts me to post these, here are the tweets from some of your new judges:
so you think you can dj-david guetta twitter-youredm
so you think you can dj-djpauly d-youredm