At the end of every year, news sources and blogs around the globe generally offer some sort of recap of the entire year including the best records from various genres, the best live experiences and projected artists who have the potential to burst to the forefront of the scene. As 2012 came to a close it became very apparent that many people were expecting GRiZ to steal the show in 2013 and secure his position in the limelight.

Now four months into the new year, it appears that those speculations about GRiZ‘s impending success were completely justified. His hybrid style of production, which fuses elements of electro, soul, funk and dubstep, coalesce in meticulously crafted soundscapes to create music that you just can’t help but bob your head to. GRiZ‘s latest tune, Gettin’ Live, incorporates everything this rising artist has become known, funk-filled bass lines, ingenuous sampling, that jazzy sax, and impeccable sonic design. As usual GRiZ gave this gem out for free so I highly suggest you grab your copy below. Enjoy!