Markus Schulz has distinguished himself over the years as being a prolific producer and DJ, showcasing his talent through versatile releases and wondrous mixes. As an artist, Markus never stands still, always embarking on new adventures and endeavors such as the Scream US bus tour that includes over 20 stops around the country. Our Samantha Maraval was able to exchange a few questions with Schulz himself, and you can read his responses on his inspirations, US EDM fans and more right below.

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Samantha Maraval: What inspired your idea to create a bus tour?

Markus Schulz: It’s been a particular wish fulfilment thing of mine for quite a number of years.  I grew up listening to a lot rock bands, Pink Floyd, Led Zep and 100s of others, hearing the crazy on-the-road tour tales. The chance to track a few of those footsteps is going to be amazing.

S.M.:What drew you to the US for this one-of-a-kind tour?

M.S.: To me it only makes sense to do a tour like this (point to point, city to city on a bus I mean) in North America. There’s the opportunity to see more and experience more of this country, both the places and the people. I spend so much time every year, up in the clouds, in a plane, zooming around the States. This is my opportunity to do North America differently – see some things I’ve not seen before.

S.M.: Is there something about US fans that set them apart from other EDM fans around the world?

M.S.: Yes, but not sets them apart by being better-than as such. Fans everywhere are different. In the US, state to state even. That’s what keeps things interesting and fun.

S.M.: You’ve mentioned you’re going all-out with the sound and lights on this tour and are taking a very hands-on approach to tour production. What’s the one thing you want your audience to remember from the experience?

M.S.: I’d like them to walk away not believing what their eyes just saw and their ears just heard!

S.M.: With a long list of cities on the roster, why did you choose to make Chicago the first stop? How does the passion here in the Midwest compare to some of the bigger dance capitols like Miami or LA?

M.S.: Obviously I’m delighted that Chicago was first up, but in this instance it was more down to the scheduling and organization of the tour than anything else. It’s taken like six months to put all the pieces in place. The passion levels in the MidWest are crazy and definitely rival LA, Miami or anywhere else in for that matter. That backdraft of energy that comes off the floor and the reception to the music I make and spin is incredible. It’s that kind of reception that keeps me coming back and playing there.

S.M.: We were really psyched to hear about your tour’s supporting acts The M Machine & KhoMha. What brought you guys together? With so many new talented producers appearing on the scene, what drew you to these two acts?

M.S.: Two completely opposite reasons, actually. KhoMha – as many of your readers probably know – is one of my protégé’s. When it comes to music, we’re 100% in sync. When I look how far he’s come in 18 months it makes me very proud. So he was just a shoo-in for the tour. We also felt that it would be good to get some contrast going on as well, which is where The M Machine guys come in. I’ve been loving their sound for a while, so when the tour manager put them up as a support act, I jumped at the suggestion.

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