Disfunktion has been having an impressive 2013.  Releasing their single Magenta,” touring various venues in the U.S. (including shows in Miami and New York City), and gearing up for a remarkable close to their successful year.  The Dutch duo recently unveiled one of their prized bootlegs as a “Thank You” to fans for their Facebook getting 5,000 likes: a remix of Pryda’s (Swedish icon Eric Prydz’s more experimental, progressive alias) legendary release “Europa.”  Disfunktion gives the noted track their signature touch, adding tons of energy to the legendary production.  They leave the original synth work in for its dark flavor, while compounding the arrangement with rising leads and pounding percussion.  The track really shines midway through, when Disfunktion reveals a heavy bassline and some thick claps to go with the ornate synth arrangement.

All in all, this is an incredible track and further display of Disfunktion’s skill when it comes to remixes and bootlegs.  Look for the duo to continue their meteoric rise for the rest of 2013.  You can download your free copy of Europa (Disfunktion Bootleg) through the Soundcloud link below.





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