Throughout the entire Trance sphere, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the crowd as an individual. With more and more producers emerging in the scene, it is now quite a surprise when producers create a sound that is fresh and uncommon. However, Argentinian supergroup Heatbeat have been making quite a mark onto the Trance scene in the last couple of years. Their style has a very distinct and new feel to it, as they implement Electro whilst still managing the delicate tightrope of Trance and Progressive House. These two have a feel that seems like the older sounds of Zedd and Porter Robinson (with their glitchy, fidget-like synths and floor destroying drops) that decimate unsuspecting audiences. And their unique, high energy tunes in the production studio spills over perfectly into their incredible live sets. Keeping the acceleration high and the breaks short, these two manage to balance many genres of Trance while still maintaining that essential Mainroom flow.



One of the best sets we have ever heard from them was their 2012 set at the Armada Beach Festival in Mar del Plata, Argentina. It seems as though artists who play in their home country create a special bond with their audience that unleashes a fury of creativity and flow to command shows to their wildest imaginations. And these two were no strangers to that concept. Heatbeat took the festival by its reins and didn’t let go until their set was over. Starting out with their hit single, Roses Don’t Cry, they set the stage with some genre bending music (Progressive Trance/Electro) that was a nice change of pace from the standard Trance repertoire. The next song was one that I personally have been hunting for for ages and it is the mighty Megabootleg 550, re-released as the humorously named Extra Bacon single. Just listen to the second drop to know what all the craziness is about. Next, they delved into Progressive House territory with tracks such as the Impetto remake of the classic tune, Tocas Miracle; Dyro‘s Metophor and a fantastic bootleg with Bassjackers‘s Mush Mush that was expertly transitioned from Extra Bacon, keeping that high energy flow and raising it even higher (9:00-10:00). Finally, they ended with some of their amazing singles including the playful Ask The Cat, the soulful remix to Parker & Hanson‘s Afterthought and the Eastern flavors of Arganda.

This set was originally supposed to be a warm-up set for the mighty forces of John O’Callaghan and Aly & Fila, but the amount of intensity and pure power injected into this mix almost makes this set a Mainline attraction in its own right. From Progressive House to Progressive House to Electro and everything in between, Heatbeat have elegantly mashed together many different styles of music throughout their set and brought fans throughout a high speed journey of power and drive. But the one thing that isn’t missing from this set is the constant push for more and more energy throughout the crowd, something that their own productions clearly help out with. And this type of excellence is exactly what the Trance scene in South America needs right now. With many Trance producers dominating the scene in Europe, it is nice to know that other continents around the world are able to represent Trance in their own unique fashion. Perfect for car rides or for long runs, this is the perfect set for many Trance and Progressive lovers worldwide. It is also available as a free download, so head on over to the link and click on the arrow button for a ride you won’t forget.


Keep the music alive. -Q


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