Ever since we caught wind of his stellar remix to Suspect 44‘s Thoughts Uncovered, (which can be viewed here: https://www.youredm.com/2013/02/20/unsung-heroes-015-suspect-44-thoughts-uncovered-terry-da-libra-remix-progressive-trance/), Grecian Trance hero Terry Da Libra has been under our radar as an exciting upcoming producer to seriously watch out for. The reasoning behind this logic is due to the astounding amount of care and attention that is incorporated into each of his works. Each note and progression is filled with hope and love; and as a technician, he is rarely paralleled. Since he puts so much attention into his pieces, it is often of a rarity to see a large quantity of work in such a short period. After four months of absence, Terry comes back with a stunning two part EP featuring the Original productions of Don’t Give Up and Always Hope. Don’t Give Up has already featured as the Tune Of The Week in Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show, which shows the vast capabilities of Terry‘s talents. True masterpieces in their own right, this double EP is one of the best releases of the year and we cannot wait to see what more is in store for him.



Don’t Give Up was created as an outlet for those who are struggling in the world and telling people to never lose faith in the actions that they want to accomplish. This single is Progressive Trance at its finest with luscious chord progressions and dreamy synths to whisk your conscious away from reality. An interesting fact about this piece is that it tightly traverses between Progressive Trance and Pure Progressive. It is neither one or the other, but rather a coexisting sound in one musical plane. Tight, crisp percussion and flowing synths are to die for in the beginning section as blippy synths provide variety and contrast. The breakdown is out of this world with wide gripping timbres to give the track a timeless, ‘floating-in-space’ kind of feel. The string section’s sound is rosy and round, with harmonious chords clashing into one another in pure bliss. As the percussion comes in, the energy increases while still keeping that pseudo-deep-Balearic sound that Terry is a master at. The drop is one where a tremolo synth commands a vast array of beautiful sounds to cast the listener away to the seas, with nothing but gravity existing to keep the listener afloat. Pure bliss in an astounding musical form.



Always Hope brings a nice contrast to Don’t Give Up, while still maintaining that essential, intricate Da Libra sound. This track is more fitted to clubs with a rough and punchy first drop, with a raw edge to keep a sense of power. However, he gives us some Big Room synths coupled with vocal synths to give this track a unique flair of genre and sound. The percussion is crisp as always and the track has that nice burst of speed that gives it a slight shine. The breakdown brings us dark and sweeping synths with reverbed bells in the distance while heavenly synths sneak in (joined by contrasting, rhythmic synths). The drop brings us back to the rougher part of the first section, but it is gleefully contrasted with different elements of sound and timbres. The track is like a very large multifaceted puzzle and each piece somehow fits to paint us a beautiful picture. Again, each piece has that iconic Terry Da Libra sound and each one has that certain feeling to let you know just how much time and effort was put into these tracks. Terry Da Libra‘s Don’t Give Up/Always Hope EP is out now on Enhanced Progressive on Beatport, so get over there and pick up this staggeringly amazing release today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/dont-give-up-always-hope-ep/1069739