Thanks to the fine workers over at inthemix, we now have word that the legendary duo, Daft Punk, will be debuting their much anticipated album, Random Access Memories, in Australia on May 17th. However, the curious catch is that the debut will be in a town called Wee Waa that has less than 2,000 people currently living there. While many of us were eagerly anxious for news about the unveiling of the new Daft Punk album, we were slightly blindsided from this bit of information. Why would Daft Punk pick such an unusual place for their return? This is what the mayor of Wee Waa had to say: “We think Wee Waa is so uniquely Australian, so the folks at Sony Music along with Daft Punk thought it fitted the bill perfectly. Daft Punk is known for breaking down barriers and coming up with new, creative, innovative ideas to launch their albums.” As unusual as this story is, it is indeed true, as Sony Australia have recently purchased the domain name . However, it is very very important to note that while the album is going to be premiered, Daft Punk will NOT be in performance at Wee Waa. While this is unexpected, we do know that Daft Punk acts against the grain of the mainstreams and this kind of news is exactly what we would expect from them. Make sure to stay locked in to Your EDM for future Daft Punk album news.