It seems as if Ben Ruttner and James Patterson of The Knocks are going to be guests of NPR at the White House Correspondents’ dinner. The White House Correspondents’ dinner is one of the most sought after celebrity events in the USA and one of the last places one would expect to find an electronic artist. That is, until this year. The Washingtonian has reported that the brilliant musical duo, The Knocks, will be attending as guests of NPR. Just to put it in perspective a bit, the other guests of NPR are George Lucas (Star Wars Creator), Tracy Morgan (Comedian), Sophia Bush (Actress), Khaled Hosseini (Author), and Jessica Alba (Actress). Not bad company, eh? It is nice to see that this dinner, which is normally a nauseating popularity contest amongst celebrities, will be graced by two humble musicians from New York City’s Lower East Side.

Via The Washingtonian