With Major Lazer’s highly anticipated album, Free The Universe, nearing it’s release for next Monday, some news arose regarding Diplo and Switch, the two original members of Major Lazer when it was formed back in 2009.

Over the years, members of Major Lazer have come and gone, and in a recent interview with inthemix, Diplo set the record straight on his split with Switch. It sounded to me like Diplo was doing his best to dispel any rumors of hostility between the two, while touching back on when the pair met years ago. In the interview, Diplo states, “I couldn’t make music if it weren’t for Switch – he and M.I.A were my main influences, and he taught me how to make music and gave me my style 100 percent.”

Diplo and Switch hit it off unbelievably at first, with almost immediate success for their 2009 releases consisting of “Hold the Line”, “Pon De Floor”, and “Keep It Goin’ Louder”. The duo didn’t stay together for long though, as Diplo went on to talk about in the interview. “But in terms of actually making records and finishing them, Switch doesn’t do that. And everyone knows that. He just can’t finish songs. He’s the best when he does it, though. But for me, I had to take it in my power to finish this record because no one was helping me.”

I remember it as a truly saddening day back in 2011 when Diplo and Switch officially split ways. Switch went on to do his on thing in the UK, and Diplo went on to do his thing in the States. It was unclear for years whether there was any feud between the two, but Diplo went on to clear up any rumors. “We had to legally break up the crew, whatever that means. But it wasn’t anything weird. He made a decent amount of money and he’s able to do what he wants to do now, which is produce more pop stuff. And that’s good for him, that’s what he wants to do. I don’t to make him feel like it’s a job to be on tour with me and make music with me. I want people who love it like I do to be involved. And that’s what it’s like now.”

What Major Lazer was producing back in 2009 with the debut of their first album, Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do, was something very special. They have come a long way, produced unbelievable music, and live to carry on their journey of freeing the universe with their full album coming out next week!

Source: inthemix