Favright, the Australian upstart producer who garnered quite a following on Facebook and Soundcloud with his authentic sound, has returned.  After producing massive electro house tracks like “20Hours” and “Funcats” (which are still available as free downloads on his Soundcloud page), Favright’s story unfortunately seemed headed towards “what-might-have-been” territory.  He announced he was taking a break from making music in May of last year.  But after almost a year’s worth of time off, Favright has now returned with a brand new edit of one of his tracks, fresh for download.

“Second” is melodic electro house at its finest, with a gritty bassline, harmonious synth work, and an infectious groove.  This new track is available as a Free Download from Favright’s Soundcloud.  Take a listen and grab your copy.  We hope to hear more from this gifted producer in the coming months.





Check out Favright on Facebook and Soundcloud