To kick off the opening of the biggest and most lavish club in Las Vegas, Hakkasan employed the skills of  Joel Zimmerman, more famously known as deadmau5 to set the tone for an impressive preview weekend. Hakkasan is none other than the 5 story monstrous club at the MGM Grand, that acquired a wide array of top notch acts, ranging from deadmau5 (signed up with a $20 million contract for 2 years) to Tiesto (gets payed $250,000 per show) and young superstar Hardwell (around $150,000 per show). But even with all that disposable income invested in the increasingly big EDM scene, the managers behind Hakkasan didn’t see eye to eye with all the club goers. As most of you know, a deadmau5 show is synonymous with custom made, home built mau5 heads and yet the promoters and managers didn’t seem to get the memo, since all who came with their personal creations were turned down and sent back home.

After hearing about this, Deadmau5, as he always does, took to twitter to express his discontent, demanding Hakkasan to let all those with mau5 heads entrance into the venue. Hakkasan obliged as they weren’t about to anger their biggest act. This shows you that whether you love him or hate him, deadmau5 does support his fans and sadly that cannot be said for all big artists out there.