The 21 year old prodigy from Australia is back with another mind boggling track. Prepare yourselves for a great M4SONIC remix of Empire of the Sun‘s new hit Alive. It’s hard to listen to his music when you watch the video because you can’t help but be amazed at the raw talent this kid has. Although it is deceiving, rest assured you’re not being Houdini’d, and this is a live showing of his remix. I listed M4SONIC as one of my break-through artists at the end of 2012, and it looks like this will be his year. Having never fully DJ’d a whole night, we patiently await the day where the genius will take his performance to the road. Not only would it be a great show, but this style of live performing is raising the bar for his colleagues around the world. Suddenly being a “button pusher” isn’t such a bad insult, but an elevated display of talented composition.