Afrojack just posted a new track, It’s a Matter Of…, on his Soundcloud page and it’s pretty dope. I haven’t exactly been seeing eye-to-eye with some of his recent releases, so I was a bit iffy when I first clicked play. The second time I clicked play, I realized it’s a matter of Afrojack‘s dirty Dutch house flavor back in full force on this one. It has a nice combo of classic high synth Dutch house, and some choppy samples packed into a breakdown before grimy electro comes into the mix. If this is the route Afrojack‘s looking to take, I’m 100% on board. We need more of that filthy house he was known for, and less radio plays and Top 40 tracks. It also seems like this might be 2 tracks mixed together as you can notice a fade-out around 3:20. Let us know what you think!

UPDATE: Our sincerest apologies, Its A Matter Of… is four tracks mixed together, not two. (Credit: Anthony Varela)