The day is finally here. After teasing about a new EP back in the fall of 2012 the bass music duo Knife Party is back with the Haunted House EP. The EP is a turn in a different direction from Rage Valley, their most recent release, in that this release focuses more on chords, build-ups and clever synths whereas Rage Valley seemed to include quite a bit more Dubstep.

You can get the EP here!

First up is Power Glove, which is sure to be the single of the release. Despite having multiple versions out on the internet, Knife Party has made this version “the” version. A bit of a call back to Rage Valley, this one features their signature Dubstep sound and BPM, while still maintaining to ability to sound Fresh

Second is LRAD, now this is where they start heading into progressive/electro house with the huge, overplayed, Swedish House Mafia-style piano chords and tie it all together with a Big Room style drop. If I sound unenthusiastic, it’s because I’m honestly not impressed.

Third, now this one is actually pretty funny. EDM Death Machine, features a robotic voice mentioning some of the most popular tracks of 2012 and 2013 by saying, “There will be no Harlem Shake, there will be no Internet Friends”. Comedy aside, this track is actually pretty solid. It holds up musically and provides a “calm before the storm” mid track. The robots come back and start all sorts of noise.

Last but absolutely not least is the track no one expected to have an official release. Internet Friends VIP is the fourth and final track of the Haunted House EP. Knife Party, earlier this month, announced that instead of releasing Baghdad, that the VIP remix of Internet Friends would be taking it’s place. Before it’s release this remix has been played all over the world, “From Miami to Ibiza”, but now that’s it’s out, it’s your turn to jam in your house and enjoy the release.

If I would have to give this EP a rating I would say a solid 4 out of a possible 5. This isn’t their greatest release but they manage to go into a different territory and still express themselves very well. You can pick up the Knife Party release here.