Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella will appear alongside Holly Madison of Playboy fame in an upcoming E! Entertainment special. Set to fittingly air this Mother’s Day, ‘Holly Has a Baby‘ will follow the couple through the birth of their daughter, Rainbow Aurora (Yes, that’s her real name). Seeing as Pasquale Rotella is anything but a mainstream figure, this special should give viewers a bit of a insight into the life of one of EDM’s most powerful figures. Given all the recent news on the sale of Insomniac Events to Live Nation, this special has the potential to be somewhat relevant to the EDM community.

As someone who has never followed reality TV I have serious reservations about picking up the remote this Sunday, but come Sunday at 9 PM, I believe this EDM fan will be tuned in. What do you think of Pasquale‘s upcoming reality debut? Leave us a comment!

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