Earlier last month, during an interview with Jeff Rosenthal at the IMS: Engage meeting, Skrillex revealed that he would be purchasing a 11,000 square foot building, in which he will be making into a studio. However, it’s not just a studio, Skrillex¬†explained further that it would serve as a meeting ground for “in-the-box” producers, meaning producers who mainly use personal laptops/desktops to create music. The studio will serve as a sort of “Nest” for budding producers as well as a haven for musical artists of all genres. In the interview, Skrillex also mentioned that there wasn’t anything in specific like this that was for his generation, and that it would be near an area that was known for old school warehouse raves.

You can watch the video below, and the talk about the studio starts at: 12:00 minutes.

While this is obviously a great thing for both Skrillex and aspiring producers, here is some food for thought: What does this mean for the music scene in itself? Usually when asked about the “EDM Scene” most people would relay stories of their favorite festivals or Dj’s and their first time getting kandi and becoming a “Kandi Kid”, but now it seems that a type of glorification of artists and their passion for music is rising. Will this leave the “Kids” behind, only turning EDM into listening music, rather than the dancing festival and show music; or will it do the opposite, and bring upon a love for music on a higher level. Where personal relationships with certain tracks are formed and hold a special place in your heart. Perhaps sayings like, “Ah man, I remember when that track was still a WIP (work in progress) and I absolutely fell in love with it!” will become more common. Maybe now it’ll truly be “All about the music”.