What started off as rumors has now finally been confirmed in the uncanniest of ways via banners on Pitchfork’s website. As is confirmed below with the picture, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, the most sought out release of the past decade, will be available to stream via iTunes for an undetermined amount of time. If this is anything like iTunes’ past streams, users will be able to listen to the full album, back to back, with no interruptions and as many times as they desire. The album is slated to be available for streaming today, Monday 13th. Get excited!

NOTE: You don’t need to pre order the album to stream it. As stated above the stream will begin today but hasn’t started yet. We will update this page as soon as it does.

UPDATE2: You can now stream the whole album straight from iTunes or from our post HERE!

UPDATE1: Daft Punk preview new track in minute and a half unboxing video. The track is advertised as being Give Life Back To Music, watch the 15 second clip in the following video:

Stream location: Daft Punk’s iTunes Page