Over the past year, the English bass-technician known as Culprate has become much more of a household name in not only the underground world but also the limelight of dubstep. Gaining exposure on labels such as OWSLA, Dub Police, RAM Records and Inspected Recordings, Culprate may have begun his emergence from the shadows but in my opinion he has still yet to fully display his true talent.

Culprate, although generally sporadic with his productions, rarely sticks to one sound or genre but rather emphasizes one common trait within all his releases and remixes- his meticulous level of production. Similar to KOAN Sound, simply listening to one of Culprate‘s creations at face-value won’t even come close to giving it justice. Compiling layers upon layers of various sounds, chords and samples, Culprate creates soundscapes that are meant to engulf the listener with their detail. His forthcoming EP, The Great Expedition, appears to be no different and should serve as a stunning example of his true talent and ability. Stream the teaser of the EP below and make sure to grab your copy when it drops on May 27th.

Also, make sure to check out the full stream of Culprate‘s track ‘McFunk’ below!