Wendy Williams, a Los Angeles talk show host, went on a rant ridiculing Pasquale Rotella and electronic music. She makes unfair criticisms and simply assumes Pasquale’s guilt. Now I am in no position to judge whether or not Pasquale Rotella is guilty or innocent. However, I can say that Wendy Williams makes offensive, ridiculous and outright wrong accusations of the electronic music scene, particularly EDC. She said in her rant:

Pasquale was allegedly using the money to throw rave parties at the LA Coliseum. Most of you are well acquainted with rave parties… these rave parties are huge with the kids, they take drugs. I mean the loopy doopy, listening to repetitive music, like the EHH EHHH EHHH!

First of all, isn’t this the same woman that interviewed Armin van Buuren, a “rave party” DJ if you will, a few weeks ago? Also, I am still astonished that there is the inane thought in this world that electronic music is purely about drugs. Maybe if people weren’t afraid to leave their fragile Hollywood lives and get out of their plastic bubble, they could experience and understand the music we all love.

Best of all was Pasquale’s response to the whole ignorant assault:

Wendy, I encourage you to grow up and take Pasquale up on his offer. Or you can stay in your delicate little superficial Hollywood world making erroneous accusations.

Check out the video below. Skip to 6:30.