At the annual Ivor Novello Awards last month, dance music took a big step into the limelight when Calvin Harris took home the Songwriter of the Year achievement. Pre dominantly won by other genre’s of music, The Songwriter of the Year award is a prestigious acomplishment for both Calvin Harris, and Dance Music as a whole.

The award resonated with Calvin Harris and has even changed his outlook on the music he creates. He recently told Music Week I’m doing more dance music that probably won’t get into the charts, I was in the studio yesterday. I just want to make good music; this award is like drawing a line under the past two years where I’ve just been intensely fucking working to try and make singles and hit records.”

Calvin’s shift in musical direction is exciting growth in the superstar producer and we are anxious to see what kind of music he releases next. Steering away from producing commercial hits, Calvin Harris’s new outlook will hopefully yield more beautiful music that is not only meant for the dance floor.

[H/T]: inthemix