Following what is now his last Dubstep show, “until further notice”, Oliver Jones, better known as Skream, revealed some harsh but realistic news:

“It’s the last dubstep show I’ll play until further notice. Dubstep is just a name now. It doesn’t have a meaning any more and the movement is over. It’s like the end of a relationship but it’s ended on a high.”

While the news may come as a shock, it isn’t something that’s come out of nowhere. Musicians, such as Skream, are fueled by their own inspirations and if that changes, some things must come to an end.

“I’ve done dubstep since I was 14 but there’s no way I’m going to be dictated to. I stopped because I’m not inspired by it any more.”

As if it was intended by Daft Punk, Skream cites Random Access Memories as his new source for inspiration, even to go so far as to dive into disco:

“They’ve put the craft back into producing records. There’s so much work gone into it. I can understand how it’s taken them five years to make it. I’ve got a new disco record called Rollercoaster and after listening to Daft Punk I’ve done a lot more live recording.”

As someone who is fond of dubstep this didn’t come as a surprise to me. Back in 2011, dubstep seemed to be playing at every local show, and now it’s either Electro House, Trap, or Moombahton.

No worries of course, change is always good, and to promote change sometimes things need to die off or become irrelevant. Without change we become stagnant.