After his performance Saturday night, Wolfgang Gartner took to his Twitter to vent his frustration with some of his colleagues who DJ, particularly Martin Solveig who performed after Wolfgang. What seems to be a growing trend in superstar DJ’s, Wolfgang Gartner addressed how some DJ’s are playing only the top hits:



In response, Martin Solveig also took to his Twitter to voice his opinion:


An interesting debate between the two, but Wolfgang Gartner makes a valid point. As EDM continues to grow at an astronomical pace, and DJ’s salaries sky rocket, it is pretty ludicrous that  DJ’s are only playing the top hits. With the amount of good music, and with some DJ’s getting paid up to $450,000 per show, sometimes more, playing the top 10 trending songs without doing any sort of edit for a crowd is not fair to the fans. For that amount of money, DJ’s should be putting more time into selecting a track list and creating an experience that energizes and entertain the crowd, not just playing the most popular songs of the moment. I can do that from my itunes library at home for free.

UPDATE: Martin Solveig responds in a video interview with MTV:


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-Nick Ward @NickWard20