Recently, it seems as though South Wales resident Will Rees has been scorching a path to the top. Known for his stunningly unique hybrid style of Techno and Trance, he has been producing some serious tracks lately that have been getting the attention of big name tech DJ’s such as Mark Sherry. His reputation precedes him as he is known far and wide as a master technician in both his productions and his DJ sets. Rees first came into our radar when he released his remix to Matthew Nagle‘s single, Eko. That particular remix gave such a distinctive and brutal sense of precision, production and control in his collective sound. And now, he has released the followup with his remix of Full Tilt‘s Illuzionize. This track has already been road tested by Bryan Kearney, who stated that the entire audience exploded with this technically delicious track. Full of unique sounds, undeniable percussion and  non-complacent Electro wubs, this track is a deadly weapon to both bring additional power to tired crowds and to also  diversify numerous sets.



The Original Mix of this track features heavy Electro with more of an emphasis on creating a well rounded sound for Big Room arenas. Rees takes the Original and completely flips it on its head, creating a brilliant remix full of groove and technical prowess. Taking characteristics from many Tech Trance producers today, he reworks the bassline into a sixteenth note powerhouse; which not only carries the entire tune, but gives it powerful drive that punches the listener in the face. What is so interesting about this remix is the amount of individual attention that he gives on separate beats. Some sounds include Electro wubs, bassline cuts, a vocal sample stating ‘waiting for the-‘, and clinking woodblock timbres. This is especially relevant in certain parts of the track, where he messes with elements of filtering and cutting the basslines on unusual counts (on beat one and beat two, for example). The breakdown is interesting in the fact that he slows down the BPM before raising it again, adding more and more potential energy (with help from smashing drums) before finally releasing into a fantastic drop with the energy still increasing through an essential rising synth.

Will Rees‘s remix to Full Tilt‘s Illuzionize is now available on Full Tilt Recordings on Beatport, so head on over and claim your copy today. Make sure to also check out the Original and Orla Feeley Mixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q