One of the best things about music is its ability to take you to a completely different place in your mind. Whether it be at a beach, in a club, at a rave, or in bed falling asleep; music can always be a median to transcend yourself to a better state of mind. Empire of the Sun is one prime example of music representing more than just impulse signals to your brain from your ears. Their videos and on-stage performances bring you on a journey into your imagination, and more importantly, their’s. The new single Alive has received a lot of attention and is already the target of being remixed by some of the world’s top producers. The new album, Ice on the Dune, is set to hit iTunes on June 18th. For now, let’s check out the remixes and then you can let us know which one you like best.

Zedd, the self-proclaimed greatest DJ in the universe (kidding of course), smashes this remix. He really doesn’t seem to do much wrong, aside from maybe a tour with Lady Gaga depending on who you talk to. Empire of the Sun‘s verses accompany a classic Zedd melody, with some electro fills to get the dance floors moving.


Next on deck is one from the trance family member Mat Zo. His beats are so smooth and he controls the tempo perfectly throughout the entire remix. The beginning is hard and energetic before coming to a wonderful breakdown. On the other side, the ending of Mat Zo‘s take on it is a perfect fit for his style and anyone who enjoys trancy rhythms. Empire of the Sun would be proud.


David Guetta had some stiff competition for this one, so I don’t want to take anything away from him on his remix. It is a good remix, even if you hate Guetta. It may be a club play, but that’s because people are going to go bonkers at the drop. This sounds like it could be a Guetta track from five years back, not the hip-hop radio play hits we’ve been used to as of late. Could this be a turning point? We’ll have to see.


We did cover the M4SONIC remix a couple weeks back, but its part of the EP and so dirty it deserves to be mentioned twice. Being from Australia, I’m sure the 21-year old was pumped to get a chance to get his hands on this one, literally. His double-launchpad remix is something spectacular, and if you’ve only heard his work from an audio perspective, I suggest watching some of his videos.


All in all, this is a very solid remix EP. Everyone did a great job adding their respective styles, while maintaining the song’s origins. You can get it on iTunes here.