For some reason, it seems that the Middle East has a knack for producing great Trance artists, such as Aly & Fila, Ahmed Romel and Fady & Mina. And now, there seems to be another rising star to induct into these elite groups of Trance. 2013 has been nothing short of a monumental year for Tech Trance/Uplifting producer, MilamDo. Hailing from Dubai in the United Arab Emerates, MilamDo brings forth the individual musical theory that represents the culture of the Middle East with their unique scales and particular instrumentation choices. What sets apart him from other artists is the sheer amount of power that he injects into each of his productions. He has managed to create such a unique energy and each release includes a face smashing deep end that seem to pop through many sets. This may be because of his philosophy in music: “The World is full of cruelty, injustice and pain… Everyone tries to put bugging thoughts aside and find a little piece of peace & My way of escaping from the bitter sweetness of the world is to run to a fascinating world called MUSIC.” His streak just keeps on storming through with a brand new ‘Banging’ remix to Rymania‘s single, Sooshiant, whose high quality production just adds to its sheer brilliance.



Right away, MilamDo stomps us to the floor with an unforgiving bassline that roars with fury and power. Supplementing that is a screeching acidic line, clean percussion and interesting stuttering effects. Then, the Middle Eastern chords solemnly come in, providing quite a fantastic contrast between the two. The breakdown has an emotional, lone singer singing a heartfelt, yet sad melody alongside subtle, soft synths. As it builds up with power, the beat comes back with the full force of the Middle East bringing forth quite an unusually powerful (both musical and emotional) melody. However, it seems as though the power increases even past that point before all music is lost to simple panning effects that work real nice in a pair of headphones. The resulting drop is pure evil with a hissing, growling synth layered on top of that iconic bassline throughout the track. It is a track that even rivals the power of Photographer and it is a sound that is absolutely decimating sets at the moment. MilamDo‘s Banging remix to Rya & Manida pres. Rymania‘s Sooshiant is now available on D.Max on Beatport, so head on over there to pick up this stellar release today.


Keep the music alive. -Q