Getter is back with an explosive 2 track Dubstep EP titled GNAR EP. Despite being an integral part of Firepower Records, Getter announced earlier this month that this EP would be released on Bandcamp without the financial help from his camp. Listing the main reason would be to both pay some bills, as well as get a better production computer..

This is a more personal release, to not only give you, the fans, what you want, but also to help me save up money for a better computer so i can continue to knock tracks out at a pace i am comfortable with!

You can help out Getter by picking up his EP for $3 (the EP is worth so much more) however you can choose to donate a higher amount if you so choose not to mention almost any type of file format for you audiophiles. Get out there and support your favorite producers, including Getter, and be sure to get this release. If you’ve had any thoughts that Dubstep might have died, this will be a shock to your system.