Things have been in quite a turbulent state within the Trance world as of late. With many producers opting to switch their sound to a more festival-friendly environment to the progression of both Psy Trance and Techno, Trance seems to have splintered off in an astounding number of directions. As a result of these trying times today, many people have felt as though Trance has started to lose its structural integrity that brought it up to the fame that it is in now. Armin van Buuren took note of this trend and with the success of his Who Is Afraid Of 138?! stage at Den Bosh, legions of fans both in person and online made their voices heard; they wanted a return of Trance and only Trance. A prediction could be made out of all this convoluted confusion. Many fans feel that there is a certain staleness in the air at times, almost as if they are being spoon-fed the same sounds over and over again. And while the Pure Trance fans are protective of their music, we have seen a dramatic increase in this demand for ‘proper’ Trance.

However, due to this blending of sounds, some producers have left due to being fed up on how the scene was turning out, or just noticing the lack of demand. Legendary artists such as SoundLift, Andy Blueman and others are no longer creating the magic that they once did. Amidst this mass chaos that has become the norm for these days, it seems as though a shining beacon of light is splitting through the darkness of unease and uncertainty. And that light is in the form of esteemed musician, Kelly Andrew. What sets Andrew apart from countless others in the scene is the fact that he is extremely well versed in many aspects of music, from film scores to orchestral masterpieces and even Classical piano, to which he attends Concerto competitions (a mark of true mastery). And it is this sheer amount of musicality and raw artistry that makes his understanding of the Trance world unlike anything else in the scene. Though his releases may be scarce and sporadic, it is almost guaranteed that every single release brings forth a certain magic that has been lost in a generation.



After his marvelous single last year entitled Across The Sea, Kelly Andrew has been working extensively on his brand new artist album. But in between late last year and now, he has managed to create a true masterpiece in the studio. Already featured in Armin van Buuren‘s ASOT Radio Show and even featured as a Future Favorite, Andrew‘s newest single, The Incursion, has completely demolished any and all expectations on how Trance should be made.While many artists focus on a formula that works, Andrew works off of the vast reaches of his vivid imagination in a pure creative state. Each note, phrase and orchestration is tirelessly placed in just the right spot and it is clear that this piece was made with care and attention to detail. There is a certain aura of wonder and awe surrounding the entire piece, as its harmonious melodies bring forth the facets of Pure Trance in a fashion that is befitting of 2013. Instead of creating a part of the Pure Trance that many fans are craving, The Incursion instead sets a new bar to be reached. And the bar has been set at a very high level.

The Incursion starts with a warm bassline and superb percussion as luscious, thick pads permeate the soundscape. Rather than have sounds sloppily strewn together, each voicing is carefully blended in as time goes on, giving the entire piece the feeling of an organic, living entity rather than a track. The breakdown is where the piece truly shines, with the orchestration including rich pads, sweeping strings, subtle voices and a full orchestral percussion section, which includes triangle and tubular bells. The melody laments its message, acting as an encompassing blanket over the listener. A triumphant turn pronounces a declaration, adding supporting voices, accompanying strings, cascading violin lines and a snare drum with a pronounced march feel. This opens up an entire world within the piece, almost as though peering into the inner mechanization’s of a watch. As the Trance aspects add on, the strength builds with power and added kick drums as the peak point pushes the very nature of the piece to break down that emotional wall. And with a final push, it releases all inhibitions and truly showcases the power of what beautiful music can inhibit on the soul.

Kelly Andrew‘s single, The Incursion, is out now on Abora Recordings on Beatport, so head on over and pick up this phenomenal tour-de-force today. Make sure to check out the Original Trance Mix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q