No Tomorrow Recordings, the sister label of the infamous Never Say Die Records, was formed to further showcase the many genres that are less represented under the bass music imprint. Although still in its infancy, the label has already released its fair share of quality records and is back yet again another outstanding release, Far Too Loud‘s ‘Faster Than Light’ EP.

The EP features four original tracks that very well might be some of the dirtiest electro house I have heard all year. Each track embodies a slightly different feel but all eventually build and momentously drop into a frenzy of hot and heavy electro. The first track of the release, “Cyberton”, slowly progresses with a variety of chords and spacey melodies which epically transition into a pure dance floor crusher filled to the brim with thumping bass. The next tune of the EP, “Light Sticks”, which was released a few days earlier, is a pulsing electro house jam. From clever samples to energetic and meticulous production “Light Sticks” will continue to send your body into perpetual motion. The title track of the release, “Faster Than Light” continues to raise the energy of the EP in all the right ways. Intertwining a host of snarls, wobbles and lasers, “Faster Than Light” is as energetic as the name suggests before switching the tempo and raising the track to new heights. The final track and my personal favorite of the EP, “Trialmixing”, may be the heaviest of the lot. Borrowing some of dubstep’s most delightful sounds, “Trialmixing” brings a taste of incendiary electro that emphasizes a certain heaviness and grit while simultaneously maintaining a very danceable nature.

All in all, ‘Faster Than Light’ is a fantastic release that continues to meet the standard listeners have come to expect from the boys at NSD and now No Tomorrow Recordings. Stream the EP below and make sure to support FTL by purchasing the EP on Beatport here!

Far Too Loud – Cybertron


Far Too Loud – Light Sticks


Far Too Loud – Faster Than Light


Far Too Loud – Trialmixing