Will Sparks gets down right dirty on this Dynamo remix. He takes the intensity down a few notches to let his style really unfold. It works well too because trying to put more energy into a Hardwell and Laidback Luke track is like shot gunning Red Bulls after taking 5 Hour Energy shots. This has a great big room sound and should echo throughout the festival grounds.

If you’re looking for slower bass and more hats than Lids, the Oliver Twizt trap remix is clearly for you. It’s a little different than what I was expecting to hear, but still gets your fix. A lot of people think that trap is going to be here today and gone tomorrow because of the overload of bad songs by DJs trying to break into the scene, but the true trap kings keep making solid tracks. This should have all the girls twerkin’ by the first beat drop. Make sure to tweet Diplo if you do though!

ANSOL, the group formed by producers Aki Nair and Sebastian Soll, take a stab at making a housey anthem with edgy chops mixed in. Drums like this will change the pace your heart beats at for the night, that’s for sure. This is a great big room house track for people looking for more fist pumping than the average raver.

Remember a few paragraphs ago when I referred to shot gunning Red Bulls after 5 Hour Energy shots? Sven Kirchhof didn’t get the memo, nor does he care. This track bangs from start to finish and is absolutely loaded with pounding drums and intense house hooks. This might be my favorite from the remix pack.