In a day and age where anyone and everyone can reach out to their favorite artists online, there has been a huge influx of negativity that is becoming a growing issue in the EDM industry. As a scene that was built on love and positive vibes continues to grow exponentially, growing pains are to be expected. With that said, the amount of hateful content that is directed toward artists and even other peers has become so ludicrous that it is creating a cut throat online scene that requires a tough skin to handle.

For artists who are just starting out, and even industry leaders, this can be a daunting thought. The power to write whatever you want online without saying it directly to the artist’s face has lead to the production of hateful criticism that is said purely out of spite.

For instance, the electronic band known as Goldfish, recently released a video that poked fun at some aspects of the EDM industry. Although it was meant only as “tongue in cheek parody”, the amount of hateful criticism they received was unbelievable. Some fans took to the comment sections to say things such as “They added daft punk to button smashers…..they deserve to die.
a million different deaths.” and “these guys are bullshit. anyone attempting to make a name for themselves dissing the career longevity of those that have surpassed them ten times over is a failure from the door.

To me, this does not help move our industry forward in anyway. I am huge advocate for constructive criticism, but how does condemning artists to death help anyone grow or change in a positive way?

Another example is Skrillex’s new track in collaboration with МИШКА clothing line that received quite a bit of negative feedback. Due to the style of the song, fans expressed that Skrillex has lost his touch and has given up producing quality music. The fact that an artist cannot expand his musical style without being completely hated on is one of the reasons artist today are becoming genre locked. Even Laidback Luke had to take to the Huffington Post to express to his fans that he has not lost the ability to produce, but is only growing as a musician.

The symbiotic relationship between the artists and fans is so strong in the EDM community that we as fans, help determine the direction of the industry. We are the ones who pay to see our favorite artists perform, we are the ones who buy their music, and we are the ones who help build the career of an aspiring artist. Instead of using this power for hate which further divides us from the artists we love, we need to use our social connection to strengthen and grow our scene together so we may take it in a positive direction.

I believe that we as fans are underestimating our influence on artists and need to work together to move forward successfully both musically, and as an industry. I am not naive enough to believe all of the hate will stop, and nor do I think it has too. I simply believe that in order to successfully influence artists in the EDM industry, we need express our opinions in a more constructive way so artists can continue to grow musically without being bombarded with hateful messages.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just try and express it in a constructive manner.