I found myself hanging out in the greenroom at Summit Music Hall with Singularity a few days ago, before his set. He is an incredibly down to earth guy who has recently been making some big moves, which I had the opportunity to talk about with him. As a fresh up-and-comer not many people have a truly in-depth insight into this young man’s story and persona. Singularity got his start in music from a young age, saying that…
I was in choir when I was 12 or so. I picked up piano and guitar and joined metal bands in highschool, typical story I know. I quickly realized how expensive it was to go record an album, so I decided to figure it out on my own. About 3 years ago I started going to EDM shows and experimenting with Dubstep and Electro in my room, and that was that!
Having shared the stage with Singularity I have experienced first hand this artist’s stage presence and performance ability. Lately he has been showcasing this on his Horizon tour, launched after the release of his Horizon EP. Asking him on the progress of his tour and what comes next he had this to say,”The “Horizon” tour has been really awesome so far. Last year I was on a tour with Candyland and Mitis in a rental car, but his time around things are completely different. I’m taking flights instead of driving, and I’m traveling on my own. It really forces me to dive into whatever city I happen to be in and it gives me a lot of alone time to work on new tunes. I’d say Hawaii has been my favorite show so far. The scene there is so different than LA, and it’s really refreshing to be out of my comfort zone like that.
I’m already working on my next EP which should be out in the fall, and got some collabs on the way too! Thats all I’m gonna say for now!
One of the more unique aspects of Singularity is his vocal work on his own original tracks. Few in the production world apart from acts like Calvin Harris and Krewella have really made a name in this respect. Embracing this unusual role, Singularity will be expanding his vocal role in his works, which he has also done with great success in the past,
I’ve sang on a couple of my tracks (Earthbound, Crave, Alone) and every single time, I get nothing but positive feedback. I wanna try putting more focus on doing my own vocals, and make my live shows a little more “live”. My voice is in no way the typical EDM voice, but I kind of like that in a way.” 
This is a really exciting and fresh concept that will without a doubt set Singularity apart from the cut and dry producer. Not surprisingly when I asked who he would like to work with in the future, the young producer chose another very unique name in EDM as a desired collaborative partner, “It changes all the time, but I’m gonna have to go with Savant. He’s just on some next level shit, and everything he makes is so different from the last track. It’s really inspiring to see how he’s progressing.”
I always make it a point, to ask artists who are themselves immersed in the EDM world what their thoughts are on trends and directions in the scene. Having interviewed and talked to quite a large group of very well established artists I’m typically used to a fairly narrow yet optimistic answer, usually along the lines of ‘very happy, love to see the market for EDM to explode. His answer was all but common. To him EDM is just the tip of the ice-berg and he views the electronic platform as under-explored in a scene that tends to adhere to its own norms and techniques.  “I think “EDM” is WAY too narrow of a term. We have these amazing machines that can help us LITERALLY create anything we want, but  we restrict ourselves to just dance music? Sometimes I make electronic smile music (ESM). Sometimes I make electronic bob your head music (EBYHM). Hopefully one day I can make electronic cry your eyes out music (ECYEOM). I’m purposely using absurd acronyms because I think the whole idea itself is silly. I think the idea of genres in general are silly. One thing I’ve realized recently is that genres were originally intended to tell you what a song IS, but now a days what they really do is tell you what a song isn’t. They are supposed to be freeing, but I find them restrictive. All I want to do with my music is make you feel a certain emotion. Maybe that emotion makes you want to dance, or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe I do it with electronic elements, or maybe I don’t. I feel like the scene needs a breathe of fresh air, and I want to be one of the people leading the way.
When I pushed Singularity for some details on upcoming big projects, the lad let out that he’s in the running to play EDC through Project Alumni. This solid opportunity is definitely deserved and what better way to help him out, than encourage you, the reader, to lend your support to this artist who I believe will push the EDM scene in a positive direction.
Vote for Singularity here, (you can use as many emails as you please) voting ends June 11th at Midnight so be sure to hit that link.
Singularity has one final message for his supporters and dance music fans alike:
“Thank you for being open to new ideas! I’m just gonna keep pushing you guys further and further into the crazy land that is my own brain, and see how far I can take this. I started out conventional for a reason, but things only get weirder from here!”
Check out Singularity on Soundcloud and Facebook.