Rock Icon, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, sat down with Rolling Stone just recently and rumor has it, Steven Tyler is a bass head. In his interview with Rolling Stone Tyler opened up about being a big fan of both Skrillex & Deadmau5, and electronic in general stating that he “listened to experimental electronica back in Aerosmith’s hay-day but believed that Aerosmith as a whole wouldn’t like it”. But, as Tyler puts it, “his heart is now into the weirder, off-the-cuff stuff” and is interested in collaborating with Skrillex as well as Deadmau5. And after having dinner at Mels Diner, Tyler tells the Rolling Stone he was “blown away by Deadmau5’s ideas for his next tour”, and wants in!

We’ve seen rock/ metal collaborations before, such as Korn’s Path of Totality album, but Aerosmith is old school Rock N’ Roll, so get excited because this is going to be a collaboration to remember with a few of the best EDM artists in the scene.

Tyler hasn’t given any dates or specific details as to when this solo album will be release but we will keep you posted. Rock N’ Rave on!