Electronic Dance Mayor Eric Garcetti announced during his Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything!) that he wants to bring EDM back to LA! When asked, “Would he allow music festivals to happen in LA again, especially at the coliseum. Huge festivals like electric daisy carnival bring in a huge inflow of cash to the city and surrounding neighborhoods… Mayor Garcetti responded,

YES! I want some signature festivals here in LA, the music capital of the world. If you like electronic music, then L.A. is where the DJ scene is at.” 

This announcement is absolutely massive for EDC enthusiasts and EDM fans in general. Since being forced to leave town after a ten year run due to a series of controversies which included a fatality, Electric Daisy Carnival and Insomniac may now have the potential to return to their roots. What’s more exciting is that this public official has already realized the astounding potential of electronic music, having thrown a fundraiser at Avalon Hollywood, headed by Steve Aoki.

The future looks bright, especially with EDM’s potential to return full force in LA with huge, blockbuster festivals. Stay tuned as I’m sure we can expect some very exciting news in relation to this breaking update. What would you like to see in L.A.’s rave future?

eric-garcetti-la-rave-your-edm One thing’s for sure, Mayor Garcetti is ready.