In a not so surprising development, it appears that the majority of Festival-Goers attend events not for a star-studded lineup but for an insane party environment. According to a MSN UK poll, which polled 2,000 concert goers, less than half of festival attendees are there simply to listen to music; a meager 45% of attendees reported going to a festival to actually listen to the artists they paid great deals of money to see.

It seems that raging is the primary motivation for the majority of people, with 25% admitting to having sex with a stranger and 21% admitting to taking some form of drug. I actually expected the number of drug users to far exceed just shy of a quarter… Hell I’ve attended festivals where that number seemed to be hovering near a solid 100%. More amusingly though 13% admitted to getting into a physical fight, (this number, I can sadly believe).

Let’s level for a moment, festivals are a great environment to let loose and escape the monotony of daily life. Sober raving for this reason is an incredibly uncommon phenomenon but I honestly thought people were motivated by the music and artists as well. Perhaps EDM is the end all be all of music to get obliterated and lose your mind to. After all, George McKay a Professor of Cultural Studies at Salford University, confirmed this to NME, saying “Music festivals continue to be places where we can escape reality and subvert the rules—whatever age we happen to be.”

So rage on you crazy people, but remember, know your limits and please for the love of God can we work on getting that fight number down to zero. Party how you want, but be responsible… Our EDM can be exemplary party music, so party on you crazy people.