What would you do if you had $250,000 to blow? Request a song at a club? Well, that is exactly what one bottle service member did. According to a story told to Las Vegas journalist Doug Elfman by Ed Shapiro, one of the biggest lawyers in electronic music, a DJ played what may go down in history as the most expensive request of all time. The story goes that a member of the club staff went over to the DJ and said:

I would never ask you this, but we have a gentleman who has got a table with a fairly large entourage with him. If you spin this one song … he will buy a $250,000 bottle of champagne.

We don’t know what song it was, but the DJ listened to it and said he could fit it in to his set. The result?

The guy purchased the $250,000 bottle. And not only that, he bought something like another 30 bottles for the whole place.

The DJ didn’t get a cut, but according to the article DJs on the strip get up to $500,000 a night.

via LV Review Journal