Bass music heavyweight and the mastermind behind Never Say Die Records, SKisM, is back in full force with his highly anticipated remix EP for his absolutely mental tune, “Elixir”. Dropping almost three years ago on his Down With The Kids EP, “Elixir” quickly became a standout track for its incredibly dark tone and unparalleled sound design and after years of clamoring for more, the remixes have arrived.

The first remix of the EP, SKisM‘s VIP, starts with a rather dreamy melody which pans from speaker to speaker before quickly introducing the haunting vocals of the original alongside heaps of snarling bass. The buildup while expertly produced, is short and sweet, and before you know it, this driven drum and bass remix will smack you right in the face. Also included on the EP, are remixes from Skeptiks, Karetus and Megalodon. Skeptiks delivers a monster of a dubstep remix that builds and drops into a barrage of thunderous bass and lasers while Karetus switches things up a bit with a dirty electro house rendition of the original. I personally love what Karetus did with their remix. They changed the pace of the track, livened the feel of the entire release but still maintained and built upon the heaviness of the original. Last but certainly not least, is the Megalodon remix of “Elixir”. Building in a similar dreamy fashion to SKisM‘s VIP, Megalodon‘s remix transitions with a massive drop that personifies the idea of “heaviness”.

All in all, SKisM‘s Elixir Remixes EP is a must have for any fan of bass music. The selection of tracks, their placement on the EP and the release’s overall vision are methodical and serve as a true testament to the talent of the man behind it all. Although many felt this release was well overdue I’m just happy it’s finally here. Stream the EP below and make sure to purchase your own copy on Beatport.