Lately, I have been getting into the deeper side of EDM by exploring the vast territories of Deep House, Pure Progressive and even adding a sprinkle of Atmospheric for good measure. The clear sense of hard work/dedication, extensive musical vocabulary and mint production that is incorporated into each track is more than enough to fully explore each of these genres in full detail. One particular artist that has caught my eye lately is the Swiss native and Deep House producer Nora En Pure, with his silky smooth beats and his insatiably catchy riffs. What is intriguing is the fact that Nora is part of the Helvetic Nerds group, consisting of other Swiss members including Dinka, Leventina, EDX, Chris Reece and others. And while the Nerds‘s sound consists of a powerful, anthemic Progressive House sound, Nora takes a purely deeper approach to his solo career, blending the lines between Deep House, Nu Disco and Indie Dance to bring something new and unbelievably fresh to the table. Such an example is his yummy upcoming remix to Me & My Toothbrush‘s new single, July. By incorporating Soul and Deep House sensibilities while keeping that crisp Swiss production, Nora creates a rare, groovy cut that overflows with class and quality beats.



As stated above, he flawlessly combines both Deep, Nu Disco and Indie together to create a unique symbiosis between the three. Starting out with a fat, chunky bassline, he creates a beautiful soundscape that even combines some elements from the Progressive House era of 2010-11. The breakdown shuffles through with a soft synth amidst the Ambient sounds of crickets, birds, and interlocking subtleties, which all piece together to give a great atmosphere and an alluring sense of musical direction. Not to mention the beautifully Balearic-esque percussion that follows. The inclusion of rich, soul-filled vocals cut through the luscious piano synths and wonderfully placed Progressive bleeps as a curious vibraphone brings the breakdown towards a funky fueled Deep drop. Nora brings back that fantastic low bassline as the vintage percussion and minimalistic accompaniment brings a savory touch upon the piece. The vocals, the warm, sweeping pads and the inclusion of a simplistic guitar riff all come together in an amazingly woven package of sounds and colors to please any ear. July has beach vibes written all over it as it breathes fresh life back into the quintessential summertime sounds of years past.

Nora En Pure‘s remix to Me & My Toothbrush‘s single, July, is out now on Enormous Tunes on Beatport, so head on over and pick up this incredibly sharp cut today. Also, make sure to check out the Original Mix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q