With Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 coming to a close, there has already been much talk of what is to come for 2014. Although nothing has been confirmed, information has surfaced that EDC 2014 may be spanning two weekends. The topic first came up 2 months ago when the Grand President of MGM, Scott Sibella, stated:

“We’re trying to do two EDC shows in Las Vegas, and we’re talking to the promoters about a second show,” “We’ll do it in the summer and have them three to four weeks apart.”

Although talking to promoters about a second weekend versus actually holding one are two different things, more buzz surfaced today as The Examiner claimed that sources at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway confirmed that two weekends were indeed in the plans for 2014. Until concrete sources are identified, there is no way of knowing for sure but you can read about it below and be the judge yourself:


The Examiner: (HERE)

Las Vegas Sun: (HERE)

UPDATE: Pasquale Rotella, founder and CEO of Insomniac had this to say on the matter:

While not fully denying the potentiality, it does appear that these are just rumors.