A-Trak spoke with fuse before his set at Bonnaroo on Saturday in which the two talked about a skew of topics. One being his return to New York in the next week to finish up the new Duck Sauce single and music video that will release on June 25th, It’s You, which by the way, is super funky, as well as, a 12 song album, which is in its final stages, that will release in the fall(Octoberish).

The second half of the interview was towards an article A-Trak had posted on Huffpost, A License to Pill, which talks about where he stands on drug use as well as Danny Brown, an artist on his label, who calls himself, “the Adderall Admiral” says A-Trak in the article, who would be, by definition, polar opposite of A-Trak’s point of view. A-Trak says in both the video and his article that he doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t know a thing about them, nor does he endorse them, but a few artists on his label who are very influenced by them he does fully endorse because of their artistic abilities in music, not the excessive drug use.

A-Trak’s article: License to Pill

Ducksauce single!

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