Hold on tight, because this is going to be massive. Collaborators Fedde Le Grand, Sultan + Ned Shepard are back with a spin on one of the biggest dance riffs known to man. The original Kelly Charles track “You’re No Good To Me” was released in 1987 and was subsequently snatched up by The Prodigy in 1994 for “No Good (Start the Dance)“. One of the tracks attributed to the jilted generation of the 90’s, it’s exciting to see this track updated and reworked for this generation of fans.

The track opens with the modern beats we are accustomed to before the hair-raising sample storms in. It’s amazing how it’s been 19 years since the original and the power it holds still hasn’t diminished. It’s also gratifying how the guys pay their dues and give it plenty of time to shine. However the collaborators aren’t quite satisfied with the sample, and the pumping rhythm and synths that kicks in certify this as a brilliant twist on the original.

No Good” is now available for purchase on Beatport.