On the heels of his breakup with both Kat Von D and Ultra RecordsDeadmau5 has posted two new tracks to his Soundcloud. The songs, You There? and Suckfest9001 show that despite tumultuous recent events Deadmau5  is still on top of his production game.

Both tracks are incredibly solid and are more than fitting for Zimmerman’s return. You There? showcases Deadmau5‘s quirky style and repetitive, yet catchy hooks. The breakdown is otherworldly, with a huge sweeping melody, the track flows seamlessly before dropping back into the original hook.

Suckfest9001 is more of a complextro tune with an awesomely plucky bass-line. Like You There? Suckfest9001 also transitions into a huge Deadmau5 melodic break, but overall the hook is much more melodic than You There? and feels oh so good.

Divorcing Ultra seems to have been a well conceived move and the music Mau5 has been making with the split from the label in mind is one-hundred percent on point. Classic Deadmau5 fans and newcomers alike will most definitely love both of these tunes. Be sure to check them out below.


Deadmau5 – Suckfest9001


Deadmau5 – You There?