Throughout the years, the expansion of music festivals around the world have given us all the chance to not only share but get to experience pretty much every genre of music. Festivals are becoming easier to go to and more organized while still providing a unique and amazing experience. Each event, creating a different sound in its own way, that keeps music fans coming back year after year.

Since getting stared back in 2008 as Rothbury Music Festival, Electric Forest has done nothing but strive to maintain its roots around jam bands and more experimental genres. Bringing names to lineups such as EOTO, Lotus, Bassnectar, STS9, Disco Biscuits, Pretty Lights and many others, Electric Forest speaks to a very niche culture ad sound. After the 2010 controversy, Rothbury had to be cancelled only to come back in 2011, debuting under a new name, Electric Forest. However this time around the star-studded lineup traded in a few of its guitars for laptops. A lot of you probably don’t see the problem with that, but for many faithful festival goers who attend such fest’s as Summer Camp, Wakarusa, All Good, and Camp Bisco its a no go. This type of music is something we want to preserve alongside the thriving EDM scene and luckily just like some of those other festivals, Electric Forest is doing just that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite found of heavy house tracks and trance melodies but when it comes to people like EOTO, Big Gigantic, STS9, Lotus, Beats Antique, Gramatik, Shpongle and anyone else who can really get the groove going I can’t resist. That is why Electric Forest and the niche it has created is, personally, right up my ally.

These artists are a mix, some laptops, some not but they all have a unique sound that falls into a similar grouping. They all have that groovy, fun vibe that makes you want to move.

When you’re in the The Forest, there is no doubt that you’ll be catching one of three sets by the band The String Cheese Incident. And even if you think you wont, trust me. Do it. Go, sit down in the grass of The Ranch Arena stage and enjoy their sounds. Their sets are unique in the way that they last for hours. If you manage to catch them when the sun is out, you’ll be met with sweet bluegrass melodies while if you catch them right as the sun is starting to set and moon is rising you’ll be met with a much more funkier, psychedelic sound. This band is a perfect example of what you’ll get a taste of at Electric Forest, a little bit of everything. They’re a transition between the chill jam band style and the funky electronic fused sound. A few DJ’s are trying to capture that sound too. Take Gramatik for instance, during the the day his sets consist of a more mellow and chill sound while at night, they transform into a funky, groove-ridden beats.

I think it’s amazing how festivals, like Electric Forest, have made sure to maintain the sound that they’ve always had while still branching out in newer areas. Its a festival like no other and not something to miss out on. Make your way to The Forest and trust me, You will never want to leave.

Take a listen to a few songs from artists who have been a part of Electric Forest.