Empire of the Sun demand you to pay close attention. Never the ones who fear of going over the top, the group are renowned for rich cinematic imagery and a penchant for all things colorful and camp. From their costumes to music videos, everything is as theatrical and epic as the Spielberg film they name themselves after.

So it seems right that their talents are now being used to write a film soundtrack. But for a soundtrack to a Dumb and Dumber sequel?

Recently, on Twitter, the Farrelly brothers announced that they’d be taking them on. The kings of gross-out comedy causally linked a review to their latest album Ice On The Dune before declaring the rather surprising news.


The soundtrack for the original film seems a million miles away from the likes of Empire of the Sun, with tracks from artists such as Willi One Blood, Deadeye Dick and the Butthole Surfers. Memorable scenes from the first movie include a decapitated budgie with its head glued on, a mercilessly blocked toilet and the revelation of the most annoying sound in the world. With the Farrelly brothers in charge of the sequel and with such a high standard to uphold, we should expect twice as much from the sequel. It will be interesting to see how Empire of the Sun will pull this off.

Expect more news about the sequel to be released soon.

Original Twitter post.