If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Skrillex and Kanye collaboration was not released on Yeezus. If you were looking forward to this, you don’t have to be too sad because they do look to move forward at some point. Pitchfork spoke with legendary producer, Anthony Kilhoffer about the duo:

A lot of times, Kanye sets parameters of sounds and styles that we can and can’t use. For instance: You’ll find there’s no bass wobbles on this album. Dubstep is really big right now, but it’s not something we could use in our production styles. He’s always trying to not take the easy way out. So it’s about achieving clubby, contemporary sounds while setting yourself apart from Skrillex or RedOne. We don’t want to follow, we want to lead.

Despite your views on Kanye as a person, he is a good producer. He’s been producing well before Jesus Walks was even a thought in his mind. It’s also good to hear they’re looking to be leaders in the industry where so many are followers. They did also mention they would “be on something eventually.” So while there’s no hope for it this time, we can hopefully expect to hear something from them in the future.