Dutch mega-star Tiesto had some time while he was in Las Vegas to hang out with his personal idol and recent Daft Punk collaborator Giorgio Moroder. According to the Dutch DJ, Moroder stayed through Tiesto‘s three hour set at Hakkasan and is still partying hard at age 73. Speaking about the experience Tiesto remarked, “He’s in his seventies and still rocking strong. We did shots together and it was fun to hang out together. I was honoured that he came actually.”



Moroder and Tiesto up in da club…

Besides pounding booze with MoroderTiesto took the opportunity to voice his opinion on Random Access Memories which Moroder helped work on… “It got so much attention because it’s so different and it’s an attitude album,” he says. “It’s cool to like Daft Punk. Even if you’re not into the song, as soon as you hear [“Get Lucky’”], you see all the cool people go, ‘Oh yeah, this is cool, that’s my song,’ and they don’t really even enjoy it.” He went on to say, “I’m destroying them now… Sorry Daft Punk“.

Personal opinion aside, Tiesto is planning on sitting down with Moroder soon, opening up the possibility of a future collaboration between the prolific artists. Obviously the 73 year old still has the energy to not only contribute to the musical portion of the scene but also the live party element as well, so it will be interesting to see what he still has in store.



Source: Huffington Post