BT has called Borgore out before on Twitter accusing him of being a misogynist and generally disapproving of his objectification of women. However, a full on drama-bomb was dropped when BT claimed that a stage-manager at EDC had to confiscate Borgore‘s crack pipe after smoking up backstage. Yep you read that right folks, crack. pipe.

Perhaps this isn’t much of a surprise, I mean have you actually listened to Borgore‘s music, or see his live stage? It’s an ice-cream truck he calls the ‘Cream Machine’… If anything this also explains his collaborator pal Miley Cyrus‘s weird antics as of late, seriously if you get the chance go watch the video We Can’t Stop (eerily fitting name).

Funnily enough we saw Borgore up close and personal at EDMbiz and at least to me nothing seemed amiss. Then again, I don’t know any crackheads and normal is a relative term especially when you apply it to Borgore. As this is a pretty serious accusation, it will be interesting at least to see how the Israeli artist will handle it. Check the tweets below…

Drama Bomb!