The winds of change are starting to blow in Las Vegas. The town once known for its lavish shows, and gaudy celebrity attractions, is beginning to acquire a new reputation. Thanks to EDM, crowds are no longer flocking to see attractions like Cirque du Soleil or The Blue Man Group alarming Las Vegas historians and purists alike.

It goes without saying that EDC has played an enormous part in this shift, bringing 200,000 EDM enthusiasts to the town. In 2012 these attendees brought a cool $207 million to the desert city in just three days. However what has been good for EDM has been bad for traditional Vegas night life. Productions are being cut and a good number shows have gone completely under, prompting four Vegas entertainment executives to consider creating an “entertainment council”.

Rather than embrace the change these nameless businessmen are fighting the inevitable saying, “We’ve got to get back to the intimacy of original, classic Las Vegas entertainment. The close-up factor. The superstar names. Where is today’s Rat Pack performers instead of unknown DJs playing other people’s music,” said one of the entertainment council advocates. “If we don’t change it soon, Las Vegas may never be the same again.”

Unfortunately these guys can’t seem to compete with “unknown DJ’s” who do nothing but “play other peoples songs” in front of 200,000 people. Las Vegas has the potential to become the Ibiza of the desert; the destination for North American clubbers. EDM is actively changing the Vegas Strip and it seems unlikely that anything will stop that.